Cedar Falls, Iowa is a high-opportunity location for forward-thinking entrepreneurs and innovative companies.

The positive business climate and progressive culture of Cedar Falls make it the perfect place to launch a start-up and develop revolutionary new products and processes.
  • Thriving and innovative startup ecosystem –  Co-working and product-based makers space are flourishing; business resources available through the University of Northern Iowa.
  • Skilled & creative workforce – More than 10,300 workers in Information Technology and 51,300 workers in Advanced Manufacturing occupations live in the Cedar Valley region labor market.
  • Affordable 100% fiber broadband connectivity gives developer the ability to create, collaborate and work remotely on any project, anywhere.  Cedar Falls was one of the first Gig Cities in the country.
  • Cost of doing business – Cedar Falls’ energy, water, broadband, land, building and housing costs are among the nation’s lowest.
  • High value, low cost living- Cost of living is 11.2% below the national average. Affordable housing in safe neighborhoods with exceptional schools.

City-wide broadband fiber in Cedar Falls, Iowa through Cedar Falls Utilities is a powerful platform for corporate research and development. People with ideas are creating the next generation of web-based products.

  • Speeds of 1-10 gigabits per second available immediately
  • Scalable to speeds up to 100 gigabit
  • Highly reliable external facing network with carrier, transport and geographic diversity
  • End-to-end reliability. Through fully diverse fiber routes, your Cedar Falls location has one-hop connections to the world’s largest upstream providers

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Lisa Skubal
Kent Halder
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Cedar Falls is part of the Cedar Valley Region of Iowa, situated in the upper Midwest, along one of the fastest growing logistics corridors with two key federal highways that provide direct access along I-218/380 north/south; U.S. Hwy 20 east/west. For confidential site selection assistance, schedule a phone call with us today.

Lisa Skubal

Vice President of Economic Development, Grow Cedar Valley 319-232-1156

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Broadband Sales Manager, Cedar Falls Utilities 319-268-5226

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City of Cedar Falls, 319-268-5160

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